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Long Story

Our Goals

Find your song in half a second

  1. We work hard so that you find your song in half second!

  2. We maintain thousands of songs in our system!

  3. We work hard to save your bandwidth!

Why we make SingSolo

How often do you sing karaoke? Chances are you do not sing every often. How do you remember song codes? Chances are you do not. Do you have many favorite songs? Chances are you have a few. And you ask yourself: What’s the code?

Then why do you have to download an app?!, albeit an iPhone app, an Android app. When a new song volume gets published, you have to update your app content. Chances are your friends have enqueue 20 songs already because they are the professionals.

Or maybe the app does not need to download updated content, but searches online. Why then do you download an app and connect to the internet anyway?

Above all since you do not sing very often, the downloaded app is the best candidate for removal. Not everyone can afford a 64gb phone. Why should your device store all the songs in this world, most of which you don’t even sing, know, or like?

Ask no more!


  • Finds your song in half a second

  • Song numbers for popular karaoke systems, such as Arirang,  California, VietKTV

  • Dark UI theme for the best user experience in the dark of karaoke rooms

  • Mobile friendly

  • Supports English and Vietnamese UI

How to use

Using SingSolo is as easy as the ABC. You get the best out of your device browser without any installation.

  1. Connect to the Internet (WiFi, 3G…)

  2. Browse to [http://singsolo.mobil]

  3. Enter any part of the song you can remember: title, a line in the chorus..

  4. You will get a list of suggestions grouped by different categories, such as title, first line of the song, chorus

  5. If you are not happy with the suggestions, tap on the song to show more


  • V1.0 - Arirang and core features

  • V1.1 - California, VietKTV

For those of you who are curious about how we make SingSolo, read the blog SingSolo - The Tech Stack []